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No. Class Year   Title Article
68 KCI-indexed Journal 2012.12. Persistence and Division of Labor in Grammaticalization: The Case of out of and from in English. Linguistic Research 29.3: 461-484 파일다운로드
67 KCI-indexed Journal 2012.12. Dimensions and Force Dynamics in Perception and Grammar: A Grammaticalization Perspective. Studies in Modern Grammar 70: 181-206 파일다운로드
66 A&HCI Journal 2012.05. Context-Induced Reinterpretation and (Inter)subjectification: The Case of Grammaticalization of Sentence-Final Particles, Language Sciences 34.3: 284-300. 파일다운로드
65 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.12. On Terminology Issues in Grammaticalization Studies. Studies in Modern Grammar 66: 167-198 파일다운로드
64 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.12. From Politeness Discourse Strategy to Grammar: Grammaticalization of Stance Markers, The Journal of Linguistic Science 59: 253-282 파일다운로드
63 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.02. Divergent Specialization in the Grammaticalization of Native Korean and Sino-Korean Spatio-Relational Terms. Language and Linguistics 50: 171-202 파일다운로드
62 KCI-indexed Journal 2010.09. Subjectification in Grammaticalization Revisited, Studies in Modern Grammar 61: 249-274 파일다운로드
61 International Journal 2010.01. Many Uses of One Place: Grammaticalization of Han-tey One Place, Japanese/Korean Linguistics 17: 581-593 파일다운로드
60 KCI-indexed Journal 2009.12. Proximity in Space and Mind: Grammaticalization and Semantic Change of “by”. Studies in Modern Grammar 58: 183-201 파일다운로드
59 KCI-indexed Journal 2009.12. Thoughts on Semantic Change Mechanisms in Grammaticalization. The Journal of Linguistic Science 51: 175-204 파일다운로드
58 KCI-indexed Journal 2009.06. Interpersonal vs. Intrapersonal Orientation in Request Speech Acts: A Cross-Cultural Exploration. The Journal of Linguistic Science 49: 227-248 파일다운로드
57 KCI-indexed Journal 2009.06. Attribution of Human Qualities to Non-Humans: A Look into Human Construal of Events, Studies in Modern Grammar 56: 123-148 파일다운로드
56 International Journal 2009.05. Through a Borrowed Mouth: Reported Speech and Subjectification in Korean. LACUS Forum 34: 201-210 파일다운로드
55 KCI-indexed Journal 2008.12. Cognitive-Semantic Representation of Instrumentals: Crosslinguistic and Grammaticalization Perspectives. Studies in Modern Grammar 54: 123-146 파일다운로드
54 KCI-indexed Journal 2008.12. At the Borderland of Lexis and Grammar: Grammaticalizing Perfective Markers in Korean. Discourse and Cognition 15.3: 29-59 파일다운로드
53 KCI-indexed Journal 2008.12. On Theoretical Import of Spoken Language in Grammaticalization Studies [Written in Korean]. The Journal of Linguistic Science 47: 209-235 파일다운로드
52 International Journal 2008.12. From Rhetoric to Grammar: Grammaticalization of Rhetorical Strategies in Korean. Japanese/Korean Linguistics 13: 359-370 파일다운로드
51 KCI-indexed Journal 2008.06. Ellipsis and Functional Shifts. Studies in Modern Grammar 52: 169-194 파일다운로드
50 International Journal 2008.01. Subjectification of Reported Speech in Grammaticalization and Lexicalization. Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics 12: 590-603 파일다운로드
49 KCI-indexed Journal 2007.12. Bare Direct Quotation and Speaker’s Stance in Korean. The Journal of Linguistic Science 43: 189-211 파일다운로드
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