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No. Class Year   Title Article
82 A&HCI Journal 2017.04. What happens when the will withers: The case of hortative in Korean. Lingua 189-190: 46-65 파일다운로드
81 KCI-indexed Journal 2017.03. A crosslinguistic survey of changes in writing systems and its implications for Hangeul-only writing, Han-Geul 315: 5-50 (Written in Korean) 파일다운로드
80 A&HCI Journal 2016.12. LP and RP in the development of discourse markers from ‘what’ in Korean. Journal of Historical Pragmatics 17.2: 255-281 파일다운로드
79 A&HCI Journal 2016.12. On the emergence of the stance-marking function of English adverbs: A case of intensifiers. Linguistic Research 33.3: 395-436 파일다운로드
78 A&HCI Journal 2016.05. From Quoting to Reporting to Stance-Marking: Rhetorical Strategies and Intersubjectification of Reportative, Language Sciences 55: 36-54. 파일다운로드
77 KCI-indexed Journal 2016.02. On the Emergence of Pragmatic Markers from Pseudo-Question Constructions in English and Korean: A Grammaticalization Perspective, Language and Linguistics 70: 423-458. 파일다운로드
76 A&HCI Journal 2015.10. Analogy-driven inter-categorial grammaticalization and (inter)subjectification of -na in Korean Lingua 166: 22-42 파일다운로드
75 A&HCI Journal 2015.05. On the emergence of Korean markers of agreement. Journal of Pragmatics 83: 10-26. 파일다운로드
74 SCOPUS journal 2014.12. Analogy-driven grammaticalization: A case of grammaticalization of sentence-final markers from concomitance-connectives. Linguistic Research 31.3: 591-614. 파일다운로드
73 A&HCI Journal 2014.09. Grammaticalization of Causatives and Passives and Their Recent Development into Stance Markers in Korean. Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics 50.3: 309-337 파일다운로드
72 A&HCI Journal 2014.01. “I know you are not, but if you were asking me”: On Emergence of Discourse Markers of Topic Presentation from Hypothetical Questions, Journal of Pragmatics 60: 1-16. 파일다운로드
71 SCOPUS journal 2013.12. “I will do it... but I’m asking you to do it”: On the Emergence of Polite Imperative from Promissive, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 97: 487-494 파일다운로드
70 SCOPUS journal 2013.12. “I know I’m shameless to say this”: Grammaticalization of the Mitigating Discourse Marker Makilay in Korean, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 97: 480-486 파일다운로드
69 A&HCI Journal 2013.05. On an emerging paradigm of sentence-final particles of discontent: A grammaticalization perspective. Language Sciences 37: 70-89 파일다운로드
68 KCI-indexed Journal 2012.12. Persistence and Division of Labor in Grammaticalization: The Case of out of and from in English. Linguistic Research 29.3: 461-484 파일다운로드
67 KCI-indexed Journal 2012.12. Dimensions and Force Dynamics in Perception and Grammar: A Grammaticalization Perspective. Studies in Modern Grammar 70: 181-206 파일다운로드
66 A&HCI Journal 2012.05. Context-Induced Reinterpretation and (Inter)subjectification: The Case of Grammaticalization of Sentence-Final Particles, Language Sciences 34.3: 284-300. 파일다운로드
65 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.12. On Terminology Issues in Grammaticalization Studies. Studies in Modern Grammar 66: 167-198 파일다운로드
64 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.12. From Politeness Discourse Strategy to Grammar: Grammaticalization of Stance Markers, The Journal of Linguistic Science 59: 253-282 파일다운로드
63 KCI-indexed Journal 2011.02. Divergent Specialization in the Grammaticalization of Native Korean and Sino-Korean Spatio-Relational Terms. Language and Linguistics 50: 171-202 파일다운로드
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